Boxes & tail fairings

Our handmade tail boxes are made from fiber enforced polyester, therefore, they are flexible and light in weight yet very strong and durable. The advantages of our tail boxes are:

Improvement of aerodynamics up to 15% according to type and size
Low weight compared to all other boxes and materials
Your belongings are stored waterproof and will not dangle against the wheels etc.
A solid lock against theft and a wide opening hatch for stowing, e.g. your briefcase easily.
Last but not least: you are protected in case you slip at high speed or due to a passing car.



For all our boxes we can state: open up the top and put in whatever you want to carry with you, lock the box and forget about rain or thieves. Our boxes are made from glasfibre material which makes them strong and longlasting. If you are going for lightweight you can reduce the weight by approx. 30 %, if you order a box made of carbon fibers instead of glass fibers.

Do not forget to order your color of choice - we have all colors available.

Be aware, please, that all our boxes are handmade. Therefore, time for production, shipping etc. can take up to 8 weeks and more.


General infos

  Prices  including technical details as pdf.

Fotostrecke see, how simple it is to mount our boxes

To find out, which box fits best to your bike, send an EMail to ""  and tell us what brand and model should be equipped or better even send a picture of this bike, taken from the side.


Tour large

This tailbox stands for supreme aerodynamics and large capacity for luggage on tours and travel. The capacity is approx. 70 l. Our large boxes will fit on the bikes of all bike companies who use our seats for OEM equipment; you can view details in the index at the end of the page. Despite its large capacity the tailbox only weighs approx. 3 kg.
Several athletes have cycled with this box from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in the south of Argentine or from Marsaille to Kapstadt. Our boxes outlasted all strains and lived up to the high expectations of these athletes.


Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 85 x 46 x 60 cm - 80 l - 3,1 kg

price GfK       €  525,00

price Carbon €  685,00


Tour mini

Even if this box with a capacity of 35 l is much smaller than its' "bigger brother" its aerodynamics is significantly improving the performance of your bike. It is well suited for stowing daily supplies etc. If you are commuting to work it will take in a full briefcase. Furthermore, like all of our boxes it comes with a solid automotive lock and a completely waterprotected interior.


Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 53 x 46 x 45 cm - 35 l - 2,4 kg

price       €  245,00 in glasfibre


Sport mini

"Small but sophisticated" is the motto of this elegant box. You can fill it with everything necessary for an extended afternoon trip: biking gloves, drinking supplies, spare shirts etc. This box can be mounted on almost all recumbents with hard shell seats. Although the box is not big as big as its "brothers", customers favor the highly aerodynamic form. In addition to that, this is our lowest priced box.


Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 53 x 30 x 35 cm - 25 l - 1,8 kg

price  in glasfibre ( GfK)    €  245,00

price in Carbon    €  345,00


Super Lowriderbox

This box has an immense volume of 80 l and an excellent aerodynamic shape.

It was developed for "low" recumbents like the Baron etc. and trikes with similar geometry in the rear construction.

In the regular glass fiber version this box weighs only an outstanding 3,5 to 4,0 kg.


Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 90 x 45 x 60 cm - 85 l - 3,8/3,0 kg

price GfK       €  625,00

price Carbon €  790,00



Beispiel eines Koffers mit Carbonfenster
Super Lowrider
Innenansicht Super Lowrider


Lowrider large (old)

This tailbox was designed especially for sports and racing recumbents with a low height. The capacity is approx. 45 l, the weight is only about 2.5 to 2.7 Kg. It is also available in carbon fiber and the hatch can be choosen between flat to head shaped. Please ask us for detailed information!

The box can be mounted quite easily to the Body-Link-seats of HP Velotechnik, just tell us whenn ordering.

Even if your bike is equipped with an mesh seat you can mount the Lowrider large box (see pictures). However, other than with the hard shell seats the box then will not fit snuggly to the back of the seat but there will be some 3 to 4 cm of space between the box and the back of your seat.

Lowrider large (new)

This box was developped from the "Lowrider Large box" as shown above.

It is ca. 5 cm shorter but was enlarged in bottom area by which the volume was inreased to 55 L.



Dimensions, Prices


Lowrider box large, standard design

L x W x H: 85 x 45 x 50 cm - 45 l - 3,2 kg                                                                         price: € 525.00

                                                     in Carbon                                                                     price:  € 695.00        

                                                     1 piece in stock for 595.00 € only                                                             

Lowrider box large, new design                                        

L x W x H: 80 x 45 x 58 cm - 55 l - 3,5 kg                                                                        price:  € 525.00

                                                     in Carbon:                                                                   price:  € 695.00



Lowrider gross vor Bespannsitz
Lowrider gross auf Body-Link-Sitz
Lowrider gross mit Aerodeckel
Lowrider gross neu
Lowrider gross neu
Lowrider gross neu


Fujinbox large

An elegant box designed to fit the design of the suspended lowrider bikes Fujin, Baron etc. It holds up to approx 55 l, and has superb aerodynamic performance. In the glass fiber version the weight is approx. 2.8 - 3.0 kg. Kindly note: this box will fit to bikes with novo-seats and magnesia seats only.



Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 90 x 45 x 50 cm - 55 l - 3,1/2,1 kg

price GfK       €  525,00

price Carbon €  685,00



Sowohl  Challenge wie auch wir haben zunächst mit dem Überhang hinten gefremdelt. Aber nachdem wir am Rechner über 2 Stunden alternative Formen gezeichnet haben, war uns klar, so muss es sein!
 	Bitte beachten Sie, daß der Koffer an sich nicht bündig mit dem Alusitz abschließt. Unseren Kunden hat das offensichtlich nicht gestört. Das Ergebnis spricht für sich!
Der Radkasten ist sehr schmal. das kommt dem Gepäckvolumen zugute verlangt aber andererseits eine sorgfältige Ausrichtung des Koffers bei der Montage, sonst reibt der Radkasten am Hinterrad.
Fujinkoffer, hier auch mit Aerodeckel

Der Koffer kann auch mit Erfolg bei einem Ultratieflieger eingesetzt werden

Box Lowrider midi

Box Lowrider midi for everyone who wants to be en route with small baggage!  Nevertheless impressive aerodynamics and elegance.  It has a volume of ca.  35 l - because of the high wheel well interior however only place for rather smaller objects - and an outstanding aerodynamics.  The weight amounts to ca.  2.0 - 2.3 kg in optical fiber.



Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 65 x 45 x 40 cm - 35 l - 2,0 kg

price       €  255,00




Race Fairing

Our offer for all who want to participate in competitions and races. Only 2,3 kg and even less if made from carbon.We sell this fairing as a pure aerodynamic device in one or two parts or with a luggage department. The casing, unlike our other boxes, does not have a closed wheel arch. The stowing compartments are the limitations of the lateral bulges. An noticeable improvent of aerodynamics can only be achieved by sealing the rear-end casing and the wheel arch against any air intake. The fairing is available in a glass or carbon fiber version, with stowing compartments or with a two part casing.


Dimensions, Price

L x W x H: 130 x 60 x 50 cm - 2 x 10 l - ab 2 kg

price GfK       €  385,00

price Carbon €  585,00



You want to combine aerodynamics and style with your MTB?
This good looking box with a capacity of 35 l will serve you well for you daily transportation needs, let them be your grocheries or your business papers - everything can be locked away safely and waterproof in this box.
The majority of the boxes' weight lies below the rack, this improves the stability and security of the bike.
The weight is just under 2 kg.
There are 3 versions available: Es gibt ihn als MTB 1 zum Aufschieben auf den max. 13,5 cm breiten vorhandenen Gepäckträger, siehe nebenstehendes Bild. Dieser Koffer ist gut, wenn ein niedriger Schwerpunkt gewünscht wird. Das kann z.B. bei der unauffälligen Unterbringung von Akkus für den unterstützenden Elektroantrieb sehr vorteilhaft sein.
Will man jedoch größeren Gepäckraum, empfiehlt sich der MTB 2 mit einem durchgehenden Boden, der dann 50 L Volumen mißt und auch die Mitnahme größerer Gegenstände erlaubt.

We keep the price low:
In the simplest version
just 185.00 €!


Dimensions, Price

MTB-Koffer 1: L x W x H: 50 x 45 x 45 cm - 35 l - 2,1 kg

MTB-Koffer 2: L x W x H: 50 x 45 x 45 cm - 50 l - 2,1 kg

price GfK      €  175,00

price GFK     €  185,00



Länge an der längsten Stelle:  50 cm
Breite max. 45 cm
Höhe max. 45 cm
max Breite der Öffnung 34 cm
max. Länge der Öffnung 35 cm
Innenansicht MTB-Koffer 50 l. Da geht schon mächtig was rein!



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Daten, Preis


Preis :      €  195,00



Fotostrecke Koffermontage

Dieser Lowrider soll mit einem Lowrider 55 L ausgestattet werden.
This lowrider will get a box Lowrider 55 L.
Erst mal entspannen und Werkzeug bereitlegen.
First of relax and laying tools.
Bohrmaschine mit einem Bohrer 6 mm.
Drill with a 6 mm drill bit.
Wenn Sie allein montieren, brauchen Sie unbedingt eine Schraubzwinge, besser zwei!
If you mount alone, you definitely need a C-clamp, better 2!
Lassen sie die Schutzfolie während der Montage ruhig am Koffer. So vermeiden Sie die ersten Kratzer!
To avoid the first scratch let the protection film on the case during the installation.
Bringen Sie den Koffer in eine Position, in der er gut mit dem Sitz harmonisiert.
Put the suitcase in a position in which he harmonizes well with the seat. Are you still able to open the lid?
Das sieht doch schon gut aus! Lässt sich der Deckel öffnen?
That looks good already! Can you still open the lid?
Wenn alles stimmt, befestigen Sie den Koffer mit den Schraubzwingen am Sitz. Achten sie darauf, dass der Rand knapp über den Sitz ragt. If everything is correct, attach the suitcase with the clamps.
Jetzt noch mal kontrollieren: Ist der Radkasten mittig zum Rad? Läuft das Rad frei? Bei Federung auch unter Belastung?
Now check again: Is the wheel well centered to the wheel? Is the wheel running freely? In suspension under load as well?
Jetzt wird das erste Loch gebohrt: durch den Sitz in den Koffer. 1 cm Abstand vom Rand des Sitzes! Now the first hole is drilled: by the seat in the trunk. 1 cm from the edge of the seat!
Dicke Unterlegscheibe auf die Schraube stecken, Schraube durch das Loch in den Koffer drehen. Insert thickness washer on the screw, turn the screw through the hole in the trunk.
Im Koffer wird die große Unterlegscheibe auf die Schraube gesteckt. Die Scheibe wurde geknickt, damit sie sich der Kontur des Koffers besser anpasst. Steht der Koffer noch symmetrisch zu dem Rad?
Im Koffer jetzt die Mutter aufschrauben und leicht anziehen.
Now screw the nut and tighten slightly.
Die 2. Bohrung auf der entgegengesetzten Position vornehmen: 1. Bohrung rechts oben, 2. Bohrung also links unten. Wenn danach noch alles in seiner Position ist, kann nichts mehr schief gehen.
The 2nd hole on the opposite position has to be made: The first hole was right above, so the 2nd hole is left. Then when everything is still in place nothing can go wrong.
Jetzt können die übrigen Schrauben montiert werden: Im Bild wird nach den Schrauben rechts oben und links unten jetzt die Schraube rechts in der Mitte eingebracht.
Now the rest of the screws can be mounted: After placing the screw right on the top and left on the bottom the screw right in the middle can be mounted as you can see on the picture.



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