How to mount a Sport Case

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How to mount a Sport Case

M. Wandinger, August 05:

The Sport Case arrived on Friday. Naturally I had to install it and try it out right away. Here are a fes notes about the mounting instructions. The advice " Bring the box from behind against the mounted seat into the final position.and fix it provisionally" is very important. For example on the Streetmachine, this is the only way to install the case.
If the case is not aligned correctly at rear end, it will grind on the rear wheel. A lining disk (washer) between the rim and the seat holder will help align the case.
Important for the mounting holes : It is difficult to find a position in which the holes are far enough away from the edge, so that the large diameter washers fit according to the instructions. Therefore you should mark the seat holes with a pen after drilling, so that if means be you can choose a different one. I had to do so...
The aerodynamics of this bike are very good, a speed of 40km/h can be held without great strain, you only notice the wind in your face

Best regards
M. Wandinger

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