Mounting of novosport hard shell seats

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Mounting of novosport hard shell seats

Mounting of novosport hard shell seats

We sell our seats to private persons also, in case no qualified dealer is near. The mounting, however, must be carried out by a qualified bicycle mechanic.

We recommend to place the foam pad which usually comes with the seat or a piece of old tire. Between the seat and the mounting plate of the frame. This will prevent screeching noises and helps to prolong the life of the seat.

Bring the seat in the final position and fix it provisionally, for example with adhesive tape or in a way that a second person keeps the seat in this position.

The mounting plate has between 2 and 4 holes for screws. Now drill holes (usually with a diameter of 5 or 6 mm) through the seat which match the existing holes in the plate.

The holes should lie between the strengthening ribs of the seat. Under no circumstances the strengthening rib of the seat should be touched.

cf. Scheme drawing

The screws should be thoroughly tightened so that no movement will occur  against the plate. Loose screws lead in shortest time to frayed, large holes in the fibre material  of the seat.

For better ventilation big bores up to 4 cm in diameter may be drilled in our seats "HD" increased loading capacity) outside of the area of strengthening ribs holes.

Don't hesitate to contact us, in case you are uncertain if a planned action may damage the seat.

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