Mounting of novosport uni seats

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Mounting of novosport uni seats

Mounting of novosport uni seats

Basically the same applies as is elobarated above. but some aspects are special:

You receive the seat in 2 parts: the lower and the upper, adjustable part of the seat.

The lower part with the seating area is is the basis of the seat which caries the upper, adjustable part (The uper part is not fixed to the frame or another part of the bike, just to the lower part of the seat. 

You will find foam pads at the back of one part of the seat. The foam pads are taped  to those areas of the seat where it is usually mounted to the bicycle frame or the brackets.
these areas are enforced.

So, all you have to do is to drill 2 (or better 4) holes for 6 mm screws  into the bottom of the seat  and then the same in the upper region.  Before the holes are drilled, make sure that the zone for adjusting the 2nd part of the seat  is not constricted by the upper attachment.

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