How to mount a box to my recumbent?
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We sell our boxes to private customers also. This means a careful  proceeding if done for the first time. Observe the instructions below, please.

Most of our boxes are meant to work perfectly with our recumbent seats. The "ribs" of the seat fit snuggly into the corresponding deepnings of the box.

We recommend to cover the areas of contact between seat and box with an selfadhesitive tape or an old tube. This will prevent screeching noises while driving.

See also our  explanatory line of pictures!

A helper will simplify the work considerably.

Bring the box from behind against the mounted seat and search for the position that suits your needs best. If a novo seat is used on your bike, the box should fit snuggly into the backward contour of the seat.
Remove the lid.

Attach the box  provisionally in the position found before.

We recommend to place an elastic tape or an old tube in the areas where the box and the seat contact each other. That reduces the risk of scratchy noises and wear in the contact areas.

Drill 6 holes through the seat into the box. The center of the hole should not be more than 15 mm apart from the outer edge of the seat. Under no circumstances touch the enforcement ribs of the seat. This can destroy the seat.
View the drilling scheme below. We recommend that  you start with drilling 1 hole first and install the nut and bolt first (loosely). This gives you the opportunity to correct the whole arrangement if you feel the need to do so.
If you find everything is fine continue with drilling the next hole on the opposite side of the seat and install the nut and bolt again
Use the big washers 6/25 inside the box. Also important: use big headed screws on the seat.
Tighten the screws till the plastic knacks slighty. Loose screws and vibrations work like a saw in the plastic material.

The maximum load for our small boxes is 5 kg and for the big boxes it is 10 kg.

In case you frequently want to carry greater loads you should support the box from below with a strip of aluminium.

For further questions and tipps, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

NOVOSPORT Box installation includes:
- Stainless steel - Screws: 4 x  M 6 x 25 mm
and 4 x  M6 x 30mm
- Stainless steel - washers 8 x  M 10 for placement on the seat
- 8 x large diameter washer 6/25 for placement in the box.
- Stainless steel - screws  : 8x. M 6 self-locking

The center of drilling should be approx.15mm or more away from the edge of the seat
Do not drill into the enforcement ribs of the seat.

Numbers of holes recommended:

boxes „Sport or Tour small, Lowrider midi“:
 4 holes

Other "big" boxes :
6 – 8 holes.

Mounting a box on a Challenge alloy seat:

Generally it is possible to mount the box similar as described for a glassfibre seat. However, it can be necessary to drill holes horizontally throug the „ribs“ of the Challenge seat in the box which is far more difficult and tiring. To simplyfy the mounting in this situation, we offer to use 2 steel strips. They can be placed across the seat parallel or like an X.  Use the wholes at the end of the strips to drill into the box and place the screws. If necessary use spacer bushings to bridge the distance between the metal strip and the surface of the box.

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