Why are most  "european"  recumbents equipped with seats and cushions that are made in our workshops?

For more than 15 years we have been intensively working togehter with dealers and manufacturers. As a result we have developed seats and cushions which are customized to the specific features of the bike and the ergonomic needs of its driver.

We offer a complete system of glass fiber or light weight carbon fibre seats in over 100 different versions.

Our seats comprise a weight of about 500 grams and the carbon seats weigh even less.


For every bike or trike just the best seat

We offer you the seat that suits you best - in different sizes where appropriate: 

Seats for recumbents with a short wheel base
Seats for "lwb" recs, tricycles and quads


All   Hard shell seats  are generally made from glasfibre and polyester resin; we can work with carbon or other materials instead of glasfibre. The weight is reduced by 30 to 40 % by using carbon fibre.

A word about adjustability:

It may be desirable at first glance to be able to change many settings on the seat.

However, the seat geometry is dictated by the design of the recumbent bike. It is then only an adaptation to the back length of the driver required.

If the bike construction is fine, any further adjustment can mean only a negative change.

Therefore, we limit ourselves to making the appropriate seat design for each basic form of a recumbent bike and to offer these seats (if necessary and desired) adjustable in length.


Seats for recumbents with a short wheel base

The seats for recumbents with a swb are commonly characterized by a "flat" angle of the seat to the horizontal line. The driver, therefore, needs a seat which prevents him from slipping back while pedaling, in other words he needs a seat which is adjusted to his height or better  the length of the individual driver’s back.



Seats for "lwb"recs, tricycles and quads

The seats for scooterbikes and recumbents usually have a rather upright position. The therefore much more burdened seating area - on conventional bikes, the "saddle" - must be formed ideally.



Seat for trikes and quads with medium seat angle

Ideal for seat inclination between 30 and 50 degrees and a good lateral support (and a warm back in winter), the Novosport tricycle seat features a large seating area, a good lateral support around the waist, and full freedom to deal against the centrifugal forces in the curve.





Here we show our comfortable mesh seat. You will find no seat that is wider and more comfortable.



Seat cushions

For all seats we recommend our seat cushions, which are highly aerated prevent strong and unpleasant sweating in the summer.



Seats for "short" recumbents

We supply hard shell seats made of fiber glass or the light carbon with these features:

  • Lowriderseats: i. e. seats for SWB recumbents with a "flat" seating position up to 35 degrees
  • Uniseats adjustable in size from "S" to "XL" ; angle of this seat should be between 30 to 45 degrees
  • Racingseat ultralight below 1 pound or 450 grs. - recumbent seat, i.e seats for SWB with a moderate position (Seat angle of ca. 35° - 45°)

Siize of the seat:  In order to transfer most of your energy to the rear wheel it is essential that your seat is not too large for you. In order to give you the best comforte it is essential that your seat is not too short for you. See our pic for measuring the right size for you at this page.



Which size for my seat?

In order to find out the right size for your seat please sit down with your back straight to a wall. Now check the height from the groundfloor to the area between your back and neck.
Up to 63 cm (= 25 inches) please order size "S",
up to 68 cm (= 27 inches) size "M",
up to 72 cm (= 28,5 inches) size "L",
for a height more than 72 cm (> 28,5 inches)  please order size "XL".

Our seats are in length from tip to tip resp. flat :

"S" = 72 cm /84 cm, "M" = 76 cm /88 cm,
"L" = 80 cm /92 cm, "XL" = 84 cm /97 cm.




Newly improved design!
The cutouts in the back improve the ventilation on hot summer days and let you guide your bike through narrow streets, crowded places or inside the house. Furthermore we minimized the weight without giving up stability.

Available in sizes "M", "L", and "XL".

The seating area is larger than all comparable products - especially those of low-cost suppliers - and is ergonomically shaped with a support against slipping forward - Ergohold.

The cutouts can be done relatively easily with equipment from the hardware store or, against a surcharge of 25, - € for you when ordering such seat.

Seat as above, without cutouts.








The "Uni-seat"

Stepless size adjustement from "S" to "XL"
In order to change the size you only have to adjust one thumbscrew and two other smaller ones. You do not need any tools for the adjustments.

It weighs only about 100 gramms more than a non-adjustable seat.

The cutouts in the back improve the ventilation on hot summer days and greatly improve handling.





Racingseat ultralight

The seats can be ordered made from carbon fiber instead of glass fiber. This way the weight can reduced to approx. 500 g or 700 - 800 g depending on the size of the seat.

Hier: Rennsitz auf  Kundenwunsch in Kevlar Carbon


Seats for "lwb"recs, tricycles and quads

Seats for Recumbents with a long wheelbase, tricycles and quads: The seats for scooterbikes and recumbents usually have a rather upright position. This means, that the size of the driver is not an important aspect for the construction of the seat: one size fits all.

But the therefore much more burdened seating area - on conventional bikes, the "saddle" - must be formed ideally. Furthermore the seat, depending on the typ of vehicle, must guarantee sufficient side support.

Like with all of our seats, the weight can be reduced through the right choice of materials. For the lwb seats we also offer several variations for different types of vehicles and areas of intended use.

"Scooterseat wide" with support of the waist

►  Recumbent seat for tricycle

►  Lowriderseat for tricycle


Scooterseat wide

This seat was made for scooter bikes and respective trikes on which the the driver sits in an upright position (seat angle vertical to horizontal between 70° and 80°).

Ein Kunde schrieb uns zu dem Sitz: "Der bestellte Sitz das Beste, was ich je als Sitz für ein Sesselrad gefahren bin. Nochmal besten Dank und alles Gute."

Weil so häufig danach gefragt wird: auch dieser Sitz muß wie der Sitz unten im Bereich der Sitzfläche und im Bereich der Rückenlehne (im oberen Drittel, vorzugsweise im Bereich des Kreises) am Rahmen befestigt bzw. abgestützt werden.

This seat is available in 2 Versions:
Seat for 2-wheeler: total length is 77 cm, 22 cm for the seating area and 55 cm for the backrest. Max. width is  25 cm.

Seat for trikes: total length is 83 cm, 25 cm for the seating area and 58 cm for the backrest. Max. width is  31 cm.


Recumbent seat for tricycles

One of our most successful seats! Despite the name very often used
OEM for 2-wheelers also.

Provides very good side support, however, enables you to balance forces with upper body when cornering fast.
Large, comfortable seating area. Weight approx. 1.700 grs.

The seat can also be used on a "Ultratieflieger".

Die Befestigung erfolgt wie hier im Bild gezeigt (silberne Schraubköpfe) im vorderen Drittel der Sitzfläche und im oberen Drittel des Rückenteils.

Die Maße des Sitzes - sofern nicht anders bemerkt, mit dem Zollstock gemessen - sind wie folgt:

a = Länge Rückenlehne bei Sitz "M": 63 cm, bei Sitz "L": 67 cm
b = Länge Rückenlehne bis Ende Seitenhalt: 30 cm
c = Sitzbreite: 32 cm
d = Sitztiefe: 22 cm
e = max. Breite: 34 cm
f = breite oben: 18 cm
g = Breite Seitenstütze: 6,5 cm
@ = Winkel Rückenlehne zur Horizontalen:45 bis 60 Grad, empfohlen: 50 Grad,
die Sitzfläche ist bei 50 Grad fast waagerecht
Dieser Sitz wird in den Größen "M" für eine Rückenlänge bis 68 cm angeboten, in Größe "L" bis 72 cm und "XL" für eine Rückenlänge darüber angeboten  Bitte sehen Sie  zur Methode der Größenbestimmung hier nach.


Lowriderseat for tricycles

The seating area is shaped like a spoon and gives strong support, while the back area is flexible and enables the driver to lean back.

Perfect for sportive tricycles with a flat seating position. The seat available will fit persons up to a size of 1,85 m and weight up to 85 kg only.

Direct length from tip to tip: 80 cm, max width: 35 cm; weight in glassfibre: 1, 6 Kg, 8.8 Kg in carbon.



meshseat _front

Here we show our comfortable mesh seat. You will find no seat that is wider and more comfortable

It is made of light alloy piping, 30 mm or 1 1/8" in diameter, powder coated.
Weight incl. mesh: ca. 2,0 KG
Width:                   41 cm
Seat-length:          22 cm 
Backlength:          48 cm  (medium area)
Shoulderlength     22 cm  (upper area)

It comes with mounting elements for frame tubes from 40 mm to 80 mm. Inform when ordering, please

Price: 218,60 € plus shipping to ..?????




Our seats for every time of the year and for every area of intended use. For the winter we recommend our seatpads made from isolating foam, which can be produced for any type of seat, even for the airy stringed seats. For hot summer days we would rather recommend our aerated seatpads.

We offer all our seatpads in 3 versions:

  • sportpads (upper pad in the picture)
  • comfortpads (middle pad in the picture)
  • super air pads (low pad in the picture)

The differences may be not as visible in the picture as they noticeable are during the driving experience.



All of our seat pads have a threedimensional spacer mesh core. The core of our seat pads consists of 98% permeable to air head space.

This mesh fills the rest of the core with polyester yarn. This yarn is extremly stable and will always regain its’ original shape even after years and years.

The black cover fabric also consists of this special mesh, in a even finer structure.

During the coloration the frabric receives its’ water repellent quality which discharges and lets perspiration vaporate quickly. Our seat pads therefore quickly cool off and always feel dry.



NEW: Seatspads for stringed seats!
More comfort in the summer and more warmth in the winter!

Is your seatpad uncomfortable?

Is your seat too cold in the winter?

We have developed a new seatpad for stringed seats, which can be easily attached to your seat.

Because of the changable interior cushioning the seats are permeable to air in the summer and cozily warm in the winter.

Seatpads for RollFiets, Hase-Bikes, Kettwiesel, Lepus, Tagun, and Trets!



"Kapuze" zur Befestigung am oberen

Sitzabschluss (Foto links).

Klettverschluß aufreißen, dann kann das Innenpolster im Winter gegen Schaumstoff ausgetauscht werden. (Foto rechts)


Dimensions, prices

Maße unserer Standardpolster für Kurzliegersitze:
The length of the pads for our lowriderseats in sizes S, M, L and XL
when spread flat, are
"S" = 83 - 84 cm,
"M" = 87 - 88 cm,
"L" = 92 - 93 cm,
"XL" = 97 - 98 cm

Der Aufbau unseres Sportpolsters (von unten nach oben):

Industrievlies:                 1,0 mm
Schaumstoff:                  6,5 mm
Spacer, grob:                12,0 mm
Spacer, fein, schwarz:     3,0 mm

Der Aufbau unseres Polsters Comfort:
Industrievlies:                 1,0 mm
Schaumstoff:                  6,5 mm
Spacer, fein:                 20,0 mm
Deckschicht:             Spacer fein

Please note: The seats after 2005 were redesigned and an ergohold applied. They are, therefore, about 4 cm longer than the previous models. Cushions before 2005 were therefore approximately 4 cm shorter.

  pricelist seats and cushions

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